Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

What is EMDR?

EMDR is an exciting new technique in psychotherapy which is potentially faster than conventional methods. By combining simple eye movements with guided imagery and verbal methods, a more rapid access to the healing abilities of the mind is achieved. How it works is unknown on the physical/brain level, but that it works is well documented and demonstrated.

Problems Addressed

EMDR was originally applied to post-traumatic stress syndrome disorders. Since then, it has been found to be an effective technique for dealing with the after effects of child abuse and molestation, rape and other traumas, phobias and anxiety. In addition, many other issues can be helped using EMDR, including anger, chronic pain, depression, and sexual disfunction. EMDR is also a useful adjunct to conventional therapeutic techniques for most other problems, as a way to overcome blocks in the therapeutic process.


After the initial assessment phase, I will work with you on planning an individual treatment approach. Throughout, you are in control of the pacing and direction of the therapy. In EMDR, you will visually track my hand movements while selecting images of critical life events and situations that you hold in mind and becoming aware of the emotions, feelings and thoughts associated with these images. During this process, you will observe how these are transformed for you. After the sessions, you will also observe how this transformation carries over into your life in both obvious and subtle ways.

Other References


This is a short list of books which themselves have extensive bibliographies. I have found these to be good introductions to EMDR.

Web Sites

There are a large number of Web Sites that discuss EMDR. This list contains some high level sites with many references, as well as a few specific discussions of the use of EMDR in Bosnia and with children.

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